Harper Beckham Takes A Break From High Toddler Fashion [PHOTOS]

The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
Though she wasn’t in a pair of adorable tights today (April 16th), Harper Beckham passed the cute test with flying colors.  Relaxing in her stroller while nanny pushed along, the youngest Beckham took in the sights of her neighborhood.  She is really starting to look like older brother, Cruz, isn’t she?

It’s been one hell of a year for the youngest little spice, now 10 months old.  She spent Easter in Napa Valley with her older brothers, attended TWO fashion weeks in New York, and wore a number of pairs of tights worth more than your rent.

Oh, and she probably gets first dibs on mom Victoria Beckham’s closet once she realizes she has opposable thumbs.