Harper Beckham & Skyler Berman: Celebrity Kid Couples We’d Love To See

Harper Dons A Parka!
The littlest Beckhmas sports a cute red parka with daddy.
It’s safe to say that one of the best thing about celebrities are their children. And really, what could be more entertaining than two of our favorite celebrity kiddies getting together?

To that end, we’ve decided to start compiling a list of celebrity children we think would be perfect together! Don’t worry folks, it’s all perfectly innocent and all for your amusement. So, which two celebrity children have we decided to start with? Why, Harper Beckham and Skyler Berman, of course! 

While this might seem like a controversial couple, hear me out on this. First of all, both Harper and Skyler are ridiculously adorable. I mean, they could both be porcelain dolls, especially that Skyler. Secondly, both of them come from very fashionable families. Skyler’s mama Rachel Zoe has built herself quite the fashion empire, while Harper’s mommy Victoria Beckham is on everyone’s list of fashion icons. I mean, I’m already dying over the potential cuteness. And the two of them will be just so fashionable together! Look at them! They can wear matching outfits, chat about their favorite designers. It will be fab.

Plus, we’ve got a first date all planned out for them. We start with a fancy steak dinner in Paris, then jet off to Switzerland for some chocolate, catch a Shakespeare play in London before finishing off the date with breakfast in Belgium. Obviously everything will be child friendly, meaning some world renowned chefs will have to cut up the steak. We don’t want anything happening before the end of the date! And we’ll have to have some chaperones. I’m thinking Brooklyn Beckham would be ideal.

Take a look at the super cuties in the gallery and tell us if you think they’d be a perfect couple! Have anything you’d like to add to their first date? Let us know in the comments!