Harper Beckham Looks Exhausted As Pajama Pantsed Victoria Beckham & Co. Land In LA [PHOTOS]

Harper Dons A Parka!
The littlest Beckhmas sports a cute red parka with daddy.
Even falling asleep after a long flight to Los Angeles, Harper Beckham looks adorable.

The tiny tot was spotted arriving at LAX late last night with the whole Beckham clan, which included mommy Victoria Beckham wearing quite an interesting pair of pants. Clearly Victoria is ready to roll into bed after the flight. Fun fact, the pants cost $1,085. So if you’ve got the money, you too can look ready for bed!

The Beckham boys were also spotted at the airport last night looking tired, but still well dressed. Now that Romeo is known as the best dressed Beckham boy do you think he feels a need to step up his everyday  look? 

Also! Where is daddy David at? He’s not still in China showing off his tattoos, is he? Well the Beckhams don’t seem too broken up about his absence. Especially Harper. She seems more focused on when she can take those work-boots off and jump into a bed.

Launch the gallery to check out all the Beckham family cuteness going on. I gotta say, they’re one of the families I never get sick of seeing. They’re all just so pretty! Let us know about your Beckham family love in the comments!