Harper Beckham Looks Adorable, Cheers On The LA Galaxy With Mommy & More [PHOTOS]

David Beckham's Undies
David Beckham unveils new underwear ads.
Oh my goodness, look at Harper Beckham in her little orange dress and hair bunched on top of her head!

The famous tot was spotted at the LA Galaxy soccer match on Sunday (October 28) cheering on papa David Beckham. Joining Harper in the stands were her brothers, mama Victoria Beckham, chef Gordon Ramsey and funny-man Russell Brand.

I love that these people hang out together. You know Russell just makes inapproriate jokes at Victoria and David’s expense while Gordon runs around telling people they’re not good enough. It’s a regular party!

Now, back to how cute Harper is. What do you think her reaction is to Russell? Is it more “ooo, funny man!” Or more “ooo, scary man!” I guess we’d just have to be there to find out. Also, why isn’t Harper wearing her cape? I think we can all agree that Harper and the cape go together so well.

Launch the gallery to check out all the super cute photos of David’s cheering squad. It’s great being able to see these celebrities interacting with each other so normally, am I right?