Harper Beckham Is World’s Most Fashionable Toddler, Gives The Cameras A Smile

Stop the presses, Harper Beckham is smiling!

And what an adorable smile too! The tiniest Beckham was spotted in London with her super sexy daddy today as the duo headed out for the day. Also, how good does David look in those tight jeans and tight black tee? Oh, David.

Harper looked perfect in her outfit as well. The tiniest Beckham sported aqua jeans, a beige cardigan and her super snazzy little beige boots. This girl is all about the beige boots. Oh, how we love her. Hey David! I thought we talked about always holding Harper. Come on! Let her walk. 

Think of how cute she’ll be walking around in those boots. Harper has been spending a lot of time with David recently. Mommy Victoria must be busy getting naked and designing clothes on herself.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness from Harper and David. I love that the whole family is back in England, so we’re bound to get all sorts of fabulous Britishness. How much do you love Harper and all her fashion? Sound off in the comments!