Harper Beckham Gets More Kisses From Daddy As The Beckhams Shop In Paris

Beckham's Undies
David Beckham debuts his H&M underwear line.
Do you think that Harper Beckham knows how lucky she is it? Or will that sink in later in life?

The adorable toddler was spotted in Paris today enjoying some of the fanciest shopping in the world with mommy Victoria and daddy David. The Beckham ladies were in the French capital this week spending some time with David for his birthday.

The whole family looked super fashionable. Well, David wore what David always wears, so he’s just hot, but we’re loving the ladies. Harper looked perfect in a checkered dress that she paired with a yellow cardigan and flats. Victoria went for an all black look that showed off her thin frame and new hair. Wanna know the best part of the photos? 

The part with David giving Harper all sorts of kisses. See, as much as we want them to let her walk on her own, you just can’t get in enough kisses when you’re not holding them. And we know how much David loves giving Harper tons of kisses.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the world’s most fabulous family. Can we give them that title? Do we need to take a vote on this? In any case, they’re at least one of the most fabulous so enjoy all their photos!