Harper Beckham, Flynn Bloom, & 12 Other Adorable Celebrity Children That Make Us Say “Aww”

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When very attractive people come together and have children, they’re going to be equally attractive, right?

Most times, for celebrities, this seems to ring true. Just look at Harper Beckham, for example. Her father, David Beckham, is one of the most handsome men ever. Women definitely fawn over him, especially when he’s modeling some underwear.

His wife, Victoria Beckham, is stunning. She’s stylish and extremely talented. They aren’t the only celebrities with beautiful children though.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom had one of the cutest children ever together. Every time I see Flynn Bloom, I’m actually in disbelief that he’s already so big. It feels like it was just yesterday that he was brought into this world.

By far my favorite “mommy & me” moment was when Hilary Duff took the time to read to her son, Luca Comrie in the park. That’s one of the few activities we see parents doing with their children. Finally seeing it was so refreshing.

Which of your favorite celebrity children made the cut?

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