Harper Beckham Enjoys A Drink & David Beckham Enjoys A Pacifier At LA Kings Game

David Beckham For H&M
Becks is on the rooftops in his undies.
Folks, I cannot even begin to express in words how much joy seeing the Beckham family brings me. Especially when it’s mostly pictures of David and Harper being adorable together at a hockey game. Clearly that’s when all the best Harper/David cuteness happens.

The whole family was enjoy the LA Kings game last night, including Victoria Beckham who look fantastic because she’s Victoria Beckham and even during a sporting match she’s perfect.

Now, back to Harper and how much I’ve missed seeing her. 

Look at that girl. Drinking what looks to be whiskey, sharing her pacifier, getting her hand eaten by Daddy. It’s just a good time all around. OK, I know she’s not actually drinking whiskey, but it totally looks like it.

Launch the gallery to get your very own dose of Beckham cuteness. Is this bringing you as much joy as it brought me? Also, I think Harper would look cute with pigtails. Get on that, Victoria.