Hardcore Xtina Fans Try To Save Floptastic ‘Bionic’

June 22nd, 2010 // 4 Comments

Christina Aguilera fans are scrambling to save Bionic, but unless every one like the one above buys 250 copies for themselves (at $15 a pop, that’s a total of $3,750), it’s time to ‘give up the ghost,’ as they say. However, I enjoy the acidity in the message made out of the albums toward Perez Hilton for allegedly launching a ‘smear campaign’ against the singer. Honestly, though, she did it to herself.

Aguilera had people really excited about Bionic, with promises of great collaborations, a new sound and direction and said that she’d be using her voice in many different ways. What she didn’t mention that as a whole, her album comes across as a sonic, schizophrenic mess. Songs about sex next to ones that say ‘I’m a mommy’ just don’t work.

Even through her album debuted in the US at #3 (111,000 units moved) and in the UK at #1
(only having sold 24,000 units – the lowest sales figure for a UK #1
album in 8 years), it dropped to #29 in its second week. That’s the
biggest single-week drop in UK history.
This is also a testament that the music industry as far as moving CDs is dead.

As of this post, I’ve read about four new songs being released from the album in the wake of the abomination that was “Not Myself Tonight,” which really was not the splash that Aguilera needed to make to let the public know she was back. It was an oversexed, overthought effort that had many people lining up references to point out how much she had copycatted off other artists. Plus, we’d seen “Dirrty” Xtina about two albums ago, so it felt like rehashed subject matter.

Read more about Christina Aguilera’s bomb after the jump.

Then the tour was announced and promptly canceled due to her commitment to promote her upcoming major film debut in Burlesque, co-starring with Cher.
Uh huh. I’m wondering if the studio is now scared that they may be in
the midst of an Aguilera backlash. And I bet that tour never happens.Then
the song “Woohoo” leaked and was said to be the second single, but now
a ‘radio remix’ of “I Lost You” is circulating on the internet and
slated for a US release, while “I Hate Boys” may be released
internationally. All rhyme or reason is gone and the label is
scrambling to do something with this shit fest of an album. Don’t get
me wrong – there are some solid tracks, but overall, it’s just not that great. She’s a great singer, but she overhyped it before it was heard and that is what killed this project in part. I’d pull a Kelly Clarkson My December, and just walk away from it and laugh it off later. Hide out, play with Jordan and Max and don’t come back until you feel you’ve done something amazing.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Ebenwolfe

    Such a disappointment! Back to Basics was superb album. It reset the benchmark for singers after years of Cowel-esque production line pop and reaffirmed that Aguilera – for all the shock tactic marketing – is one hell of a singer. And then came Bionic which tried to make up with hype for the musical shortcomings that could not have been bridged by a UN task force.

    It feels like a ham fisted response to this media created rivalry between Aguilera and Lady Gaga. What all seem to forget is that Aguilera has an excellent musical back catalogue and a proven live record. Gaga’s double album has only a handful of ok tracks and could easily have been a single disc. It plays like a tour programme. She is largely a triumph of style over substance and remains a product rather than an artist until she earns her spurs.

    To be respected as an artist Aguilera should put away her breasts, lay off the pseudo-porn and spend some time in the company of real world class musicians who will help her to work to the standards we expect of her. Changes in sound and style are always welcome, but there must be substance in there. If there isn’t, Bionic is what one will find.

    Once she has produced another world class album she is more than welcome to get the girls out once more and pout gasp and sigh for an appreciative mob.

  2. Ibliz

    Christina has a phantom in her head. This is why her album sucks.

  3. Mary

    The album is AMAZING!! And different from anything else I’ve heard during the last months/years.
    It is a success all around the globe. Just because she doesn’t fill magazines with crappy articles (about falling over at an airport e.g.) and senseless rumours just to promote the record doesn’t mean she’s “out”.
    Who ever the hell you are writing this article… you’re just ridiculous! haha

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