Hard Times

September 7th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Malcom? Malcom in the middle? You’re not the boss of me! Here’s Frankie Muniz. Nothing’s sadder than when a child star falls off. Hopefully he made some good investments. Cause time wasn’t kind. He looks like he should be in the grandstands at a Nascar event, drinking from a flask and trying to see what color thong the girl in front of him is wearing. Speaking of that, Frankie Muniz has eschewed acting for race cars fulltime! Am I Kreskin? I will predict your future like Ms. Jeanne Dixon!

Actor Patrick Dempsey will debut his #40 Hyper Sport Mazda RX-8 in the GT class of the Grand-Am Rolex Car Series on Sept. 15.

Other actors will also be present. Ian Ziering and Frankie Muniz will make guest driving appearances, although Muniz has given up acting to pursue a racing career full-time. He spent the 2007 season racing in the Cooper Tires Champ Car Atlantic Championship.

Well, he must have saved up some serious dough if he can pursue this full time. Good for him. Does he let the unibrow drive? Ok, that was low. He just looks kinda backwoods. I was a child actor once, and let me tell ya – there’s no greater blow then when the cute leaves and you’re faced with a mirror full of disappointment. And acne. *SOB*!


By J. Harvey

  1. Darth Paul

    He’ll be recycled back into the biz eventually. It’s cosmic law. On the plus side, it looks like puberty’s finally hitting.

  2. Persistent Cat

    That stupid-ass show is syndicated. He’ll never want for cash.

  3. Yeah cause I’m sure you’re a greek god who shits money and style right? .. bloggers are douchebags.. end.. Munez has more game that you’ll ever have scumbag

  4. Harry P. Ness

    Dude, he looks like an angry butch lesbian getting ready to pound out his girlfriend with a huge black strap-on.

  5. Nothing worse than seeing a blogger ripping on someone and spelling a name wrong again and again. It’s spelled Malcolm.

  6. elleuq

    there is too something worse than bloggers. it’s people who have nothing better to do than read other people’s blogs and rip on them.

  7. Adam

    Its easy to criticize….fun too.
    Makes me laugh when someone can have a go at someone who is doing what they love in life and succeeding. make you feel like a bigger man? no doubt the blogger is a fat slob who has nothing going for themselves in life they have to pick on others to make them feel better.

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