‘Happy Tears’ Screening And Cast Party

What does Mira Sorvino’s hair have against shampoo?

The inexplicably dirty haired star joined fellow celebrities on Tuesday for a screening of Happy Tears hosted by  by the Cinema Society and Donna Karan at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. After the movie the crowd hit up Mr. Chow’s for some cocktails. The film, which showed at the Berlin Film Festival this year, is a family drama about two grown sisters who return home to care for their ailing father and it stars Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin and Parker Posey.

It’s nice see Demi and Ashton Kutcher go to one of her movies for a change. The couple wore matching all black, Demi in a Donna Karan that had glided down the runway only the day before and Ashton with a giant fur hat that made Karan ask if he was planning a trip to Russia. Good one Donna.  Unless that was a serious question.

Moore told Vanity Fair  how she understood the complicated sister relationships in the film as a mother of three daughters. “They push against each other. Then, when the need is there to protect each other, they’re there without question,” she said.

She posed for photographers with Barkin and attendee Julia Stiles.  Is she in a weird position or does Julia Stiles have a head the size of the other two put together? Indie queen Posey looks very cute in her short hair and ready for spring in a graffiti print strapless dress.  

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