Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Drunk Celebrities

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

If you don’t have a green beer tucked away in the top drawer of you desk, well then you don’t work at Socialite. We’re not worried about you though, we know you’ll get out there and celebrate the best holiday there is after Cinco de Mayo (debatable, but I really like to drink with tortilla chips.)

While you’re at work though we will help you celebrate with a gallery of partying celebs. Classic signs include mostly closed eyes, being held on the arm shloppily by your less famous friend, looking happy to see the paparazzi (aaaahhhh, you crazy guys!) and of course slithering on the ground with marker on your face. Some pics are celebs are just getting started after leaving the first bar of the night and others are seconds away from some gossip-making mistakes.

I’m guessing Kevin Spacey is going to regret that call in the morning. Victoria Beckham has herself a very supportive husband and Mischa Barton plays a game of peak ah boo. Drew Berrymore is my favorite, I would love to be in on that joke.