Happy GLBT Pride Boys And Girls!

June 26th, 2005 // 22 Comments

(Photos via Terry George)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. goldfly

    HOORAY, i was there too!!! no other parade where you can get hit in the boob with a free lube sample AND get free condoms!

    i have some pictures as well, though i’m not sure on the level of quality.

  2. Gofigure

    Ugh, I thought that being gay was no longer cool anymore. It reminds me of of the trend being black was cool in the 1980s, but no longer.

  3. /-\Alexander/-\

    GoFigure, what on earth of you talking about? Being gay isn’t, and has never been a trend. Neither has being black. Apparently your self-esteem is too low if you allow society to dictate what is in you closet, your vernacular, and on the shelves in your room. You can’t pay for a personal identity.

  4. /-\Alexander/-\

    *are you…I noticed my mistake :-).

  5. ttt

    Gay no longer cool? It is a way of life~ it the level of acceptance in this country that makes the individual free to be themselves! Go Pride and Go all Of those that are able to Be Themselves without worries!!

  6. ocean

    i can’t believe someone on a float needs cell phone reassurance that someone wants to know where they are. it’s getting out of hand.

  7. That scares me a little. What was Anna Nicole Smith doing in a Wonder Woman outfit? Did you notice the guy staring at the dude with the cell phone? I have so many questions… and such little time.

  8. ig

    so if your less than human your a monster or something. wrong again just quit while your behind.

  9. lala

    so it’s true what they say about black guys…. either that or the speedo is creating an optical illusion…

  10. ap

    Ignore the idiot and it will go away.

  11. Brian

    Gofigure shows once again just how many “less than fully humans” there are left in the world.Truly one of the most disgusting posts I have ever read.MY God is a God of love,NOT hatred.Lucky for you….

  12. GLBTSupporter

    I couldn’t agree more, Brian.

  13. ig

    “Yes, I like how much the last post was a stuttering mess. No wait, I am correct and you are wrong. At the end of the day, God Still Hates Fags Dead.”
    Hmmm…God still hates fags dead?
    and you called MY post a stuttering mess. In the end it’t people like you that will make it so everyone else has to register in order to post. In advance I’d like to say thanks, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  14. lala


  15. PapiChulo

    hes puertorican and das all real :D

  16. ella

    ap sucks ass. Gays rock!

  17. Miu

    Gofigure’s two most offensive comments have been deleted. And he/she has been banned.

  18. Bedstuy

    The parade was so much fun.BUT where were all the hot lesbians???!!!!! Never fear cuz my girls and I are going to so represent next year.

    GO PRIDE 2006!!!!

  19. Gofigure

    You are so witty ig!!! I am feel so ashamed.

    I bet you and your little twink friends can hold hands and go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge together.

  20. ap

    Hey, Ella, bite me. Of course gays rock. All I meant by that statement was that provoking the jackass would only encourage more asanine comments. If you want to encourage that, be my guest. As for your personal attacks, that’s really unnecessary.

  21. /-\Alexander/-\

    GoFigure…back? I thought I handled you a couple of days ago. I don’t think it’s really you; no self-respecting “gay hater” uses the word “twink”. Haha.

  22. Justinpossible83

    I had a great time at the parade…my 3rd time going!! I wish I had gotten their sooner though it was a nightmare getting throug the crowds…The cops blocked off everything and you would have to walk at least 2 blocks to cross a damn street WTF!!! Anyways…Happy Pride!

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