What Do You Give Lindsay Lohan On Her 24th Birthday? A Punch In The Face

To celebrate her 24th birthday, Lindsay Lohan went out. Duh. SCRAM be damned. And who knew that some random waitress would punch her out of the blue? Talk about birthday lovins’ right there!

Apparently, the waitress at the club Voyeur was pissed that Lohan was hanging out with Doug Reinhardt, as she herself had a past with him.

“A waitress just hit me – punched me for no reason,” she tweeted around 1 a.m. PT.

But of course that wasn’t the end. Lohan then left and went to continue the party at the nearby Rockstar House and ran into the same waitress again.

C’mon, Li-Lo, drop-kick a bitch in the head with your SCRAM – that’s what God gave it to you for!

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