Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!

The biggest teenage star is no longer a teenager as she turns 20 today. As a excellent gift to her and fans who haven’t seen it, The Runaways opens in wide release today.

As another gift MTV put together a list of 20 tidbits about the Twilight star. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Kristen Stewart and BFF Nikki Reed used to hang out with Stewart’s then-boyfriend Michael Angarano and bake pies and watch movies.

2. She was an adorable baby.

3. Both Stewart and Robert Pattinson love Van Morrison.

4. Kristen and Taylor Lautner had to lobby to get “Face Punch” in New Moon.

5. She was cute in grade school.

6. She was hated on in High School when someone found out she was acting.

7. She took her cat Max with her on the desolate set of The Messengers.

8. Chris Weitz credited Kristen as his reason for directing New Moon. “The vampire thing isn’t really what appeals to me about this series of books; it’s the characters,” Weitz told MTV. ” And it’s Bella especially and the chance to work with these young actors and — to be honest — with Kristen especially. I think she’s extraordinary.”

9. Kristen wore contacts to play Bella to stay true to the character’s eye color.

10. She and Ashley Greene would have giggle fits on set and sometimes when they were supposed to be doing interviews.

Check out the rest here and if you can one-up the trivia add your own Kristen facts in the comments.