Happy Birthday Kate Moss!

The supermodel turns 32-years-old today. The embattled model had a rough year, but things seems to be turing around for her. She has a new BFF/drinking buddy in Lindsay Lohan, after finally dumping her just arrested ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. The Daily asks certain notables what they would give Kate Moss for her birthday if money was no object.

Christine Hahn, Vanity Fair: “This device that the University of Georgia is developing that distorts digital paparazzi shots.”

Nina Garcia, Elle: “A permanent nanny.”

Kristina O’Neill, Harper’s Bazaar: “Well, if she was turning 33, she’d be as old as Jesus, so I’d get her a life not lived on a cross.”

Tim Gunn, Parsons: “Something unexpected would be good. How about a lifetime of gift certificates to IHOP? If that doesn’t seem appropriate, then how about commissioning Andrew Lloyd Webber to do, ‘Kate Moss, the Musical!'”

We love TIm Gunn. What would you give Kate Moss for her birthday if money was not object?

Happy Birthday Kate! [FWD]