Happy Belated Birthday Tara Reid

How could we have forgotten Tara Reid’s 30th birthday? At least Defamer remembered. Our most sincere apologies. Let’s take a look back at Tara’s 29th year.

Tara Reid’s Boob
Tara Reid And Lindsay Lohan Air Out The Boobs
Tara Reid’s Monkey
Tara Reid & Jeese Metcalfe
Tara Reid In Wasted Nuzzle Session
Tara Reid Avoids Booze
Tommy Lee And Tara Reid Do Lunch
Tara Reid Is A Skankbot?
Tara Reid Looks Confused
Tara Reid’s Still Drunk
Yep, Tara Reid Was Drunk

Bottoms up sweetie! Here’s to your 30th year; may it be just as memorable.