Happy 50th Birthday Madonna!

In honor of Madonna’s 50th birthday, Germaine Greer wrote an essay for The Sun about the pop star’s life and career thus far. Greer describes Madge as “a middle-class girl pretending to be tough, a religious girl pretending to be irreligious, a prude pretending to be a pervert, a control freak pretending to be out of control.”

success, the article notes, can be attributed to “her genius to realize
that marketing was more important than talent.” Hello? Of course it is.
Have you read this blog?

Greer discusses Madonna’s constant metamorphosis, claiming that her move from London to New York
signifies the end of her “English interlude.” God only knows what Madge
has in mind for us for the next 50 years. Because you know she signed
some contract with the devil to stay around at least that much longer.

Three cheers for Madonna! May her sugar always be raw!

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Check out all 30+ photos of Madonna in the gallery!