Happy 29th Birthday Paris Hilton!

Can you believe Paris Hilton is almost 30!? Is it still kosher to keep little tiny dogs in one’s purse and wear hot pink mini dresses after the big 3-0? Ladies of the Real Housewives, don’t answer this,

 Paris, you did a lot of growing up this year. You learned all about this great country’s legal system. After getting sued for not promoting your “film” Pledge This! (yes Paris, contracts mean something!) you learned that you could sue people right back for calling you dumb or for using your picture without signing a contract! Oh yeah and some kids broke into your house and got arrested (though maybe next time don’t leave the key under the doormat!). Of course I’m only just skimming the surface of the lessons you’ve learned over the last nearly 30 years of bringing hotness into our lives. 

Paris and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt celebrated on a yacht in Rio de
Janeiro Monday.