Happy 23rd Birthday Lindsay Lohan!

We here at Socialite Life would like to take this opportunity to wish Lindsay Lohan a happy birthday! After the year she’s had, LiLo is definitely lucky to have made it to 23.

She started off her 22nd year with the death of her grandfather, sadness, but made it OK by skipping his funeral and going shopping. Good job. Then her run on Ugly Betty was cut short after rumors that she temperamental on set, which was followed by the news that her new film Labor Pains would be broadcast on cable instead of making it to a theatre.

Shortly after all of this, a warrant was issued for her arrest by the Bevery Hills police steming from some bad stuff in 2007, but lucky the warrant was soon removed after Lindsay proved her good behavior.

Then there was that fun time in April with the whole Samantha Ronson craziness. Break-up, get back together, break-up, get restraining order, get kicked out of party, get back together, and break-up again. I’m exhausted just thinking about.

To prove herself in all this insanity, Lindsay made a fake eHarmony ad for Funny or Die, which was actually pretty funny. Go LiLo. She even got props for her new spray on tan, Sevin Nyne. This was then followed by the news that she got a new movie role in The Other Side.

All of this happiness was cut short by the news that Lindsay allegedly stole $50,000 worth of jewlery from an Elle magazine photoshoot. However, it was later decided that she was not getting blamed for it.  And apparently Ryan Seacrest now wants to make her the star of a new reality show. Oh, and Samantha Ronson dumped her. Again.

Lindsay was seen shopping in West Hollywood yesterday and wearing what looks like a gold band on her left ring finger. Something you need to tell us? Let me guess, you’re back with Samantha only to break up next week! Right?

Well anyway, Lindsay, we’re happy you made it to 23. Let’s see what the next year has in store, shall we?

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan wearing a ring on her left ring finger and shopping in West Hollywood.