Happy Walking The Dog Day! Celebrate By Walking Your Dog…Or Looking At Celebrities Walking Theirs!

Man's Best Friend
Check out these dogs dressed as men!
Have you ever heard of Walking The Dog Day, before? Before this week, I had no idea it existed.

The most unique holidays exist. National Pancake Day is probably my favorite though, if I’m being honest. Just look at how mouth-watering these circles of deliciousness can be!

All the yumminess aside, walking the dog day sounds pretty special, right?

Celebrities like Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde know that the most rewarding part of your day is walking your dog.

Look at how blissful they look with their canine friends. You do have to envy the animals for a brief second though. Their owners are so lovely. Imagine Mr. Hamm kissing hugging you and kissing your head. Aww!

Celebrate today by showing your dog a little extra love! Go for a longer walk and just enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you have a dog or not, launch our gallery and observe the special relationship between a dog owner and the dog!