Happy President’s Day! Leonardio DiCaprio, Adam Lambert, And 12 Other Celebrities Who Should Be President

February 16th, 2014 // 10 Comments
So Lovely!
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It may not be President’s Day yet, but that doesn’t mean we have to cease our early celebrations.

When you think of celebrities you would like to see as President, who comes to mind for you?

For me, personally, two examples of who I would love to see as the Commander-in-Chief are Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Lambert.

Just think of all the changes these two men could make!

Believing that DiCaprio is even old enough to be the President is difficult for me. For some reason, I still think he’s thirty-three years old. Once I allow myself to stop looking in the past, I think of how great his campaign and term (or terms) could be! Just imagine Martin Scorsese as the Vice President. That would be ah-mazing!

Adam Lambert in charge would be equally as amazing. I think it would have to be a requirement for him to sing “If I Had You” or “For Your Entertainment” at least a few times a year to keep all of his many fans satisfied.

Don’t forget to take some of our candidates with a grain of salt. If you truly wouldn’t want to see them in office, we probably wouldn’t want to either!

Check out our choices and let us know what you think in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

  1. 14 Celebrities Who Should Be President
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes! Yes! Adam Lambert for President!

  2. Sam

    Yay! Adam Lambert for President!

  3. Lauriellen

    I’ve actually voted for Adam Lambert for president. In fact if there is no one I care about for any office, I write him in. I don’t care what party he is, I’m looking for LEADERSHIP.

  4. Love Adam

    I agree 100% Adam lambert for president. I love him for along time:))))

  5. Limsovita

    Yes!!!!!!! Adam lambert is the president , he is very handsome, he is an entertainer, popular in the world

  6. Sonyta Glambert

    Yeah!!! Adam lambert should be for president, because he is an extraordinary singer:)

  7. Nana Glambert

    I’m enjoying adam for president. Adam had greatest talent for the singing or performing !

  8. Chanvitou

    Sure!!!!!!!Adam lambert for president 100%

  9. Internetos

    ADAM! Everybody loves Adam!

  10. Monykaly

    I love only Adam Lambert, he is an amazing singer, he is very handsome over another singer…, lol…!

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