Happy Halloween: Animals Scare The Crap Out Of Each Other [PHOTOS]

Lemurs and monkies at Woburn Safari Park in the UK were wondering what the f***k was up with the Halloween decorations laying around their pad.  A Patas monkey skipped the knee-slapping fun for a pumpkin snack, much to the chagrin of the jack-o-lantern itself.

Park spokeswoman Abi Crowley told the Sun that staffers put mashed banana on the back of the masks in order to set up the perfect photo op.

“All the lemurs and monkeys were running around teasing each other with the masks.  As the lemurs held the masks up to eat they looked like they were trying to spook each other out.

“And the sad face carved on the pumpkin was priceless as one of our monkeys munched straight into it.  They are usually fed a lot of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and squash so this was a nice treat.”