Happy Birthday Weekend Reese Witherspoon, Check Out Her Awesome Instagram!

Reese Witherspoon
The star wore Zac Posen to the 2012 Golden Globes.
Reese Witherspoon turned 38-years-old yesterday, which seems impossible because she definitely looks, like, 29-years-old. You’re aging beautifully Reese, so don’t even worry.

To celebrate the birthday weekend of one of my favorite stars, let’s take a look at her Instagram and marvel at how great she is. It’s full of food and celebrities, so what’s not to like? 

Earlier in the month, Reese and a bunch of her gal pals took a “girls trip” to the Culinary Institute of America, and documented the whole thing with Instagram. Score. Among the guests on her girls getaway included Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, and they all posed together in chefs hats as they made fresh pasta and then again in front of a taco truck. Girls after my own heart.

Reese also gave a bunch of shout outs to her buddy Matthew McConaughey, who starred alongside her in the 2012 film Mud. Reese applauded him for his Oscar and Spirit Award wins, and posted a candid picture of them together on a set. She also gave a shout out to Jared Leto. Reese seriously has all the right friends.

One of her Instagram photos I stumbled upon was a picture of two plane tickets, one for her and one for Matthew, on a flight they didn’t intend to end up on together. Two random celebrity sightings on the same flight? That plane full of people seriously lucked out.