Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! 12 Reasons Why She’s Our Favorite, In GIFs!

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Victoria Beckham

Did you know that Victoria Beckham turns 40-years-old today? 40! I must say, the lady is looking fabulous.

And to celebrate all the reasons we love Posh Spice, we’re counting it out in GIFs! Victoria has always been my favorite Spice Girl. In fact she’s one of my favorite humans. I love her. And you will love her even more too! Check out the GIFs after the jump! 

1. Even she knows she’s flawless. 


2. She was clearly the best singer in the Spice Girls. (When I saw their reunion concert her “solo” song was strutting across the stage.)


3. She has no time for stupid people. We feel you. 


4. She’s always the best dressed person in the room, but wants to get a feel for what’s going on. 


5. And she’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for fashion: not wearing heels. 


6. She can actually see into your soul. 


7. She has that body after 4 kids. And she’s married to David Beckham. What a lucky man. 


8. She makes the retro look work–while side-eyeing you. 


9. Even Victoria can get flustered! 


10. She was part of the one of the greatest “wasn’t even in the movie” scenes in history. 


11. But she always know that she’s the top. 


12. And finally, she’s Victoria Beckham. Rock it out Posh! We love you!

By Sabba Rahbar

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