Happy Birthday Sebastian Stan! Here Are 13 Of Your Most Brooding GIFS!

Serious Sebastian
Sebastian looks serious and brooding while on set
Happy Birthday Sebastian Stan!

The Captain America actor turns the big 3-2 today and what better way to celebrate than with 13 GIFs of Sebastian’s most brooding stares.  He totally has them down and knows how to look at us like he’s staring deep into our souls.  But even sometimes he can’t keep it together.  So we’ve thrown in a few of him goofing off a little too.  Silly Sebastian is just as hot as serious Sebastian.

Check out all of Sebastian’s soul baring gifs after the jump!   

1.  Sebastian’s always staring right into our souls.


2. We love you too Sebastian.


3.  Especially when you give us this sexy/brooding stare.


4.  This one will do too.  We love a little lip action.


5.  He knows he’s sexy.


6.  Especially with that eyebrow raise/smile.  He totally has the “I don’t think I’m sexy, but I am sexy” thing going on.


7.  But back to the stare cause that’s why we’re here.  Hello evil Sebastian.


8.  We love a man who cries cause real men cry.  (The emotional brood).


9.  The sexy Sebastian eye roll.  Don’t be annoyed at us for embarrassing you with these gifs.


10.  We knew you couldn’t stay mad at us for long.


11.  We’re falling in love with that charming smile.


12.  We had no idea he could bust a move like this!


13.  Here’s really what you’ve all been waiting for.  Sebastian shirtless!

[All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr]