Happy Birthday Sam Heughan! Let’s Celebrate With 14 Times When The ‘Outlander’ Star Was Too Hot To Handle!

Well hello there Sam Heughan! Happy 35th birthday to you!

If you haven’t been watching Outlander on Starz or keeping up with Hollywood’s hottest men, there is a chance you don’t know Mr. Hot Heughan. But don’t worry, cause we’re about to change that.

You know how we love bringing you hot men on Socialite Life, and right now Sam is as hot as it gets. His eyes, his smile, his body, his acting–pretty much everything about him is perfect. 

So today, we celebrate him with 14 times we literally could not handle his hotness anymore. Think you guys will be able to get through this?

1. Imagine those eyes staring at you. 


2. Now imagine those eyes staring at you and you staring at his body. 


3. We’ll try and be gentle, Sam. 


4. Look at that smile, he doesn’t care about gentle.


5. Slower…slower…


6. Who knew that he could even make the bloodied look sexy?


7. If you were bloody Sam, we’d clean you up and then give you soft kisses in the hopes that you’d look at us like that. 


8. This look works, too. Seriously though, those eyes!


9. Yup, take it off. 


10. And just so you know, Sam is quite capable of looking sexy even when he’s not dressed as a Scottish Highlander.  


11. Although I think we can all agree the Highlander look definitely adds something. 


12. Especially when you subtract something…


13. Yeah, if your glasses aren’t fogged up by now I don’t know what to tell you. 


14. We love you, Sam. 

[All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr]