Happy Birthday Prince Charles: 10 Tweets Toasting Will & Harry’s Dad [PHOTOS]

Charles & Camilla
The couple's Christmas 2011 card.
His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales turns 64 today, and we’d like to toast the heir apparent with a collection of photos that reflect the man that Prince Charles it today: Curious, light-hearted and engaging.

While the rest of you are hemming and hawing about Camilla’s title as the POW’s consort, I’ve been having a grand old time following royal parody tweets – Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Anne have me in stitches with their references to the British crown, gin and country life.

And for those of you wondering if the title of king will skip Charles and go right to Prince William, hell no.  This isn’t a democracy.  This is a monarchy, and monarchies are based on blood line, not popular vote. 

I for one am quite looking forward to the job Charles will one day do as king.  He’s into the organic farming thing, he was way ahead of everyone else when it came to global warming, and his popularity is on the up and up after those iffy years we won’t speak of.

Oh, to have blue blood running through these veins.  Ok, off we go.  Launch the gallery.

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