Happy Birthday Paula Abdul: The Big 5-0!!!

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Turning 50 is a milestone and should be celebrated with an extravagant event! Since I can’t personally be there to get my party on with Paula Abdul I thought the next best thing would be to put together a photo montage of her most memorable wardrobe moments.

Paula has always been noted to stand out from the crowd with her offbeat costume-like attire. Weather she was judging on American Idol or making appearances on the red carpet she always knows how to make a statement. Paula’s huge comeback was launched when American Idol made its debut back in 2002. She was seen as the judge who always had something to say, but never felt the need to sugar coat things. Paula was definitely the middle-man, or I should say middle-woman between Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson; never too sweet and never too harsh.

Lets take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on wardrobes past; the good, the bad, and the ugly! We’ve all had our moments but since it is Paula’s birthday we’ll let her take the cake! Happy birthday Paula Abdul hope you have a very special 50th, one for the books!