Happy Birthday Paul Wesley! 13 GIFS That Prove Just How Irresistible He Is!

Paul Wesley Loves His Fans
Paul Wesley loves to stop and pose with his fans.
How hey there Paul Wesley! Happy birthday!

The very sexy Vampire Diaries actor is turning the big 32 today, and I thought it would be a good time to celebrate just how irresistibly sexy he is. Listen, there’s a reason that #SexyWesley was trending on Twitter last night.

So please join me after the jump as we stare at GIFs of Paul and reaffirm my love for Stelena. 

1. It’s always important to be reminded of just how beautiful Paul’s smile is. 


2. Imagine those eyes staring at you everyday and melting your cold, cold heart. 


3. Sometimes it’s important to remember that yes, Paul has a crazy good body. 


4. He clearly knows how to have a good time. Wanna party with me, Paul?


5.  Paul’s “what” face is better than anyone else’s. 


6. Never has taking off sunglasses been more seductive. 


7. I knew you’d want more abs and I am here to oblige. Although Paul is trying to cover them. Not cool, dude. 


8. You know why he’s irresistible? Because he even makes blood lust sexy. How is this possible?!


9. A bromance is always a lovely thing. Especially when the other half of said bromance is equally handsome Ian Somerhalder. 


10. He knows how the ladies get around him. 



11.  He’s totally mastered that “Oh, the love of my life is actually in love with my brother? That’s cool” look. 


12. One more excuse to look at his perfect, washboard abs. 


13. We love you more Paul. We really, really do.