Happy Birthday, Orlando Bloom! 10 Reasons Why He’s Awesome, In GIFS!

Shirtless Orlando Bloom
Walking around New York like it ain't no thang.
Sexy Orlando
20 photos of Orlando Bloom at his sexiest.
Orlando & Flynn
The cutest father/son duo around!
Today is a very important day. Today we celebrate the birth of Orlando Bloom. Happy birthday, Orlando!

The super sexy actor turns 37 today, and therefore we must celebrate with reasons why we love him. Somehow I’ve managed to narrow it down to 10 reasons, and obviously we’re counting down GIFs. Because GIFs are the best. Check out the 10 reasons after the jump! 

1. Because Orlando’s smile and laugh are like no other. 


2. Because he’s a huge animal lover, and rescued his dog Sidi in Morocco while shooting Kingdom of Heaven


3. Because he somehow manages to pose with a balloon animal and make it look sexy. 


4. Because he even looks good with long, awkward hair. While eating a cookie. 


5. Because he will forever love his elf ears. (And so will we.)


6. Because look at the way the wind blows in his hair. 


7. Because he can be pensive. He’s probably figuring out new ways to save the planet. 


8. Because he’s not afraid to say how he feels. Like this one time, he gave me his heart


9. Because he does a very good impression of Captain Jack Sparrow. Check out those eyes. 


10. And finally, because he is the personification of perfection. Even he knows that.