Happy 29th Birthday Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen!

Mary-Kate Olsen Engaged
Mary-Kate Olsen flashes her giant engagement ring
Happy 29th birthday to our favorite fashion titans, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen!

While we were sad to learn the Olsens will not be returning to their Tanner roots in Fuller House, can we blame them? The women are totally owning the global fashion world, and we love them for it.

Instead of mourning their departure from acting, on their 29th birthday we choose to celebrate the young careers that the Olsens helped launch during the near two decade acting career they did give us.

Elizabeth Olsen is not the only one in Hollywood to catch an early break in her sister’s work. Launch the gallery to browse the list that includes a Pretty Little Liar, a Supernatural demon hunter,  a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club member, and more. Everyone gets their start somewhere, these folks are just blessed enough to have experienced that with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.