Happy Birthday, Katy Perry! SL Celebrates The California Gurl’s Birthday In Style [PHOTOS]

John Mayer & Katy Perry
The two are spotted out together - fuels dating rumors.
Katy Perry turns 28 today and it’s no doubt that the superstar artist will celebrate this special day in a fun fashion to match her even more fun style. She always graces us with her weird yet unique sense of fashion, so it’s only right that we take today to take a look at her craziest, kinkiest stage outfits.

It’s pretty much Halloween all year round in the Perry world.

Anyways, this Scorpio wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t for her bold outfit statements. Maybe that’s what attracts John  Mayer to her. Speaking of which, I wonder what he has planned for her? Perhaps something lowkey? Perhaps some fireworks? (Haha.)

Maybe she’ll wake up in Vegas? Take a look at the gallery for some of Katy’s wackiest stage outfits!