Happy Birthday Jonathan Groff! Celebrate With These Perfectly Marvelous GIFs!

Jonathan Groff for 'Out'
The actor showed off his guns for 'Out Magazine'
Lea & Jonathan
BFFs Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff in 'Teen Vogue'
Jonathan & Zachary
Jonathan Groff shares a laugh with Zachary Quinto.
You know him, you love him, so let’s wish a very happy 29th birthday to Jonathan Groff. Yay!

Jonathan has already conquered the stage, the small screen and the big screen–and this is all before he even turned 30. I remember seeing him as Melchior in Spring Awakening and thinking that he was one of the most talented people I’d ever seen.

So let’s take a moment and celebrate the actor in the best way possible, with GIFs! 

Are you staring at Jonathan’s lips? Do you want to know what they feel like? 


Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll even wink at you like that. 


Things are starting to heat up in here, non?


It’s not our fault that Jonathan knows how to work the sex appeal. 


Even this is sexy. Well, maybe less sexy that the others. That chocolate flower though… 


And you have to love a guy whose best friend is Lea Michele. Look at how cute they are. 


Jonathan, do you need to take a break?


Nope, I think we’re all good to go. Look at the hair. 


I think Jonathan has finally realized how much we love him. 


Now let’s all take a moment and appreciate the wind in his hair. 


As we tell him that we love him, too. 


All GIFs from Tumblr.