Happy Birthday Joe Jonas! We Give You The Gift Of GIF’s, Hope You Enjoy

Joe Jonas And His Stache
Joe Jonas sports an interesting mustache out at lunch.
One of our favortie Jonas Brothers turns 25 today!

We’ve watched Joe Jonas transform from cute tween heartthrob (oh, that hair!) to a smoking hot man!  What an evolution it’s been especially when it comes to his hair.  We’re glad he got that straightened out!  We’ve also loved keeping up with who he’s dated over the years.  In case you didn’t know, Joe is kind of a ladies man and he’s giving us the best present of all.  He’s single again!  So here’s your present from us Joe, 15 Gif’s to honor/embarrass/celebrate you!

1. We know you just broke up with your girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler.


2. And you’re probably just heartbroken.


3. Or devastated.  Emotional Joe.


4. We think you should give us a call…


5. Maybe you’ll ask us this?  “Oh thanks, we’d love too!”


6. Ah, in our dreams!  We’re guessing you’ll be pretty busy now that you’re “back on the market”.


7. We know you love the ladies, but try to keep it in your pants, will ya!


8. Bitches can’t resist that hair.  Look at those locks flow!


9. How about those guns?  Flex it!


10. Or give us a sexy strip tease/serenade.  Check out those meaty arms!


11. And lets not forget about those moves!


12. Back to the hair, especially when it looked like this.  Vintage Joe.


13. Hope we’re not embarrassing you…


14.  You really are our fave Jo-Bro.  After all you’re super dreamy.


15.  Happy Birthday Joe!  Hope your special day ends with a BANG!

[All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr]