Happy Birthday, Joanna Lumley! [PHOTOS]

'Ab Fab' Films In London
Joanna Lumley & Jennifer Saunders hit the streets.
Jennifer Saunders
The comic turned on Stella McCartney's Christmas lights.
Friggin Patsy!  You’re 66 today, old girl.  Well done.  fifity million ciggies puffed and goodness-knows how many bottles of champers later, you’re still kickin.’

Joanna Lumley, the comic legend and star of Absolutely Fabulous celebrates her birthday today, with an OBE under her belt and a friendship with Charles and Camilla.  It’s good to be Lumley.  The photos in our gallery show off a star who looks to be enjoying life, never afraid to take a wonky picture for a laugh. 

We adore that throaty voice and wonder what the hell else Lumley keeps up in that beehive of hers (and which hair spray product she uses to keep it so poofy) besides ciggies and a few illegal weapons.

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