Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! 20 Of His Greatest Moments To Celebrate His 20th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Harry Styles!

The youngest member of One Direction is no longer a teenager! Today marks his 20th birthday! Does that mean they’re a young man band now instead of a boy band? Something to ponder.

What better way to celebrate than to go over a few of his best moments? After four years and three albums, there are plenty of great moments of his career to reflect on!

If you’d like to see our compiled list, check after the jump!

1. That time he had lingerie made out of candy.


2. When he told an elderly woman to call him.


3. When he was cute as a button playing Marcel for the “Best Song Ever” video.



4. The time he played tourist in Paris and tried to get a picture “holding up” the Eiffel Tower.


5. That time an interviewer got too handsy with Louis Tomlinson and he asserted dominance.


6. When his ass was on the line.


7. Every time he dances adorably.


8. Remember the infamous twerk?


9. The time he wanted to be painted like a French girl.


10. Whenever he wears a flower crown, angels sing.


11. The time he decided to wave to his crotch while on stage.


12. When he jumped and danced around wearing a little tight, red shirt.


13. Dance rehearsals in This is Us.


14. When he took the time to parade around (and work out) shirtless during 1D Day.


 15. The time he flirted with lady Zayn Malik.


16. When he decided to be a walrus.


17. When he introduced the world to the woman who used to pinch his bum.


18. Anytime he causes trouble with the security.


19. When he showed the world how great he looks after waking up.


20. The time he waved at his mouth instead of waving at the world.