Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! 10 Of His Cutest Instagram Photos!

One Direction hits LA
The boys of One Direction greet fans
Happy 19th Birthday, Harry Styles!

So, we know we already showed you these ridiculously cute pictures of Harry celebrating his birthday last night, but we just could not let today pass by without also appreciating all the awesome things Harry has sent out into the Instagramverse!

Oh Harry, if your 19th year continues like your 17th and 18th–which we know it will–you’ve got another year of awesomeness ahead of you! The One Direction hottie has clearly made his mark on the music world, not just with his cute hair and penchant for walking around shirtless. Also, did you guys hear about all the birthday drama? 

Apparently some One Direction fans were upset that Louis Tomlinson only Tweeted, “happy birthday dude!” to his BFFL, which was then taken down. Although these fans seems to believe the two are much more than friends. This might be my favorite reaction, “is this real? like is this actually happening…i’ve been walking around my house saying happy birthda d u d efor [sic] the last 10 minutes…that’s it?????????????”

Wow, some people get really into it. Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos from Harry’s time on Instagram! Happy birthday, good sir! What do you guys think about the Louis thing? Let us know in the comments!