Happy Birthday David Beckham! Celebrate With 15 Of His Sexiest Photos!

Sabba Rahbar | May 2, 2014 - 5:45 pm

Oh hey David Beckham! Happy birthday!

The soccer stud turns 39 today and I figured what better day than this to look at shirtless David Beckham photos? Now normally I don’t feel like we even need a reason other than being humans, but I will take any and all excuses to make it seem more legit.

Dearest David, what an incredibly well build human you are. 

I remember looking at photos of him when he and Victoria Beckham first got together and thinking, “That is a very sexy man.” And clearly my child brain was right.

So launch the gallery to check out all the sexiest photos of David. There’s a theme among the photos, see if you can figure it out. Hint: the theme is not “he’s shirtless”. Come on folks, give me more credit than that.

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