Happy Birthday, Dave Franco! Let’s Celebrate By Staring At His Smile…In GIFs!

Dave Franco For Bullett
Dave Franco shows some skin for fashion.
Dave's Canadian Tuxedo
Dave Franco makes even denim-on-denim look hot.
Dave Franco In GQ
The actor works the nerdy, hunky look.
I’m gonna blow your mind right now. Are you ready? It’s Dave Franco’s birthday today and he is 29.

Can you believe it? The beautiful younger brother of James Franco is 29. I swear, I thought he was like 25 or something with that beautiful, beautiful baby face of his. (Fun fact: Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy fame turned 29 today, too.)

To celebrate Dave and how wonderful he is, we’re taking this opportunity to stare at his gorgeous smile. Because it is gorgeous. So join us as we do just that in GIFs! Yay! 

1. Dave’s smile is one filled with joy. 


2. And embarrassment. 


3. And lip-licking. 


4. And cat loving. 


5. And excitement. 


6. And smolder. 


7. Oh what’s that Dave? You want us to stop? Sorry! We’re not done yet!


8. Now where were we? Oh, and cuteness


9. And flirtation. 


10. And sometimes lip-licking, embarrassment. 


11. And good teeth. 


12. And, of course, MAJOR hotness!