Happy Birthday Chris Pine! Let Us Celebrate By Staring Into His Eyes

Chris Pine's Package
FYI. Chris Pine hangs to the right.
His blue, blue, blue as a freaking ocean eyes.

Today we celebrate this and more as Captain Fine Chris Pine turns 34-years-old. Listen, I have been a year to make this GIF post for you guys, so I truly hope you enjoy it. I mean, we’re staring at Chris Pine’s eyes, what’s not to enjoy?

So check it out after the jump! And keep in mind this could alternatively be title, “Chris Pine’s Blue Eyes or The Story of How He Really Likes to Lick His Lips All the Time”. 

1. You might be thinking, “Oh Sabba, they’re not that blue.” But just…wait…


2. And now we’re getting to that perfection. Look at the Pine perfection. 


3. Blue background = bluer eyes. 


4. Licking lips and blue eyes. 


5. Even in darkness you can still see how blue they are. (Note the lip licking.)


6. And you thought I was joking about the blue in the darkness. 


7. It’s like I’m lost in a sea of blue eyes. 


8. Don’t blink. Just stare at me. 


9. See guys, even Tom Hardy understands the love of the blue-eyed Chris Pine. 


10. Not quite as intense here, but still amazing. 


11. It seems that Chris agrees with us about his blue eyes. 


12. Is it my imagination or were his eyes exceptionally blue in Star Trek?


13. See what I mean. 


14. Oh Chris, I can’t stop staring. 


15. At what? At you! And that, friends, is how Chris makes the money. 

[All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr]