Happy Birthday Brenda Walsh!

Dear Shannen Doherty Brenda Walsh,

We are very pleased to celebrate your fortieth birthday today.  Thank you for dating Dylan McKay and for making that amazing made-for-tv movie, Friends ‘Til The End.  Most of all, thank you for being YOU.  For your bday, we’ve listed five reasons you make our world go round.  Read all about it after the jump.

PHOTOS: Birthday Girl Shannen Doherty Covers Radar Magazine

1) Your bangs.  Kelly Taylor tried it and failed (tart).  Donna Martin didn’t even bother entering the ring.  She knows to stick with a perm.

2) Your first big sleepover was a hit.  Kelly might have invited snotty-face Amanda, but you got the last laugh after you accidentally found diet pills in her pocketbook.  Cindy raised her daughter right, so you showed immense compassion for her over-the-counter pill problem.

3) The night you and Dylan had a full-on kissyfest outside his father’s apartment AFTER he smashed a plant. “Hey now, hey now. Don’t dream it’s over.”

4) Kelly may have been a Spring Princess, but you lose your V Card to Dylan that night (and looked better in the dress).

5) The day Dylan and Kelly took you to a public place so that they could tell you what they had been doing all summer.  “I hate you both.  Never speak to me again!” still haunts me to this day.

The birthday girl looked smashing at The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media’s Golden Globes party in Beverly Hills with beau Kurt Iswarienko on January 16th.  I’ve also added a few pics from the good old days, just ’cause.