Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch! Celebrate With 20 Of His Best GIFS!

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Benedict Cumberbatch At 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere
Shirtless Benedict!
Benedict Cumberbatch's Shirtless Deleted 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Shower Scene
The best deleted shower scene of all time. Watch »

He’s beautiful, he’s talented, he’s magical, he’s amazing and today he’s turning 37! Happy birthday Benedict Cumberbatch!

Benedict has made quite the name for himself on the small screen as the most famous detective of all in Sherlock and on the big screen with his awesome performances, particularly in Star Trek Into Darkness. Ahh, what man.

So what better way to celebrate this gem of a human than with 20 of his most fabulous gifs? There is no better way. So sit back, relax and enjoy all the Benedict gifage below. Benedict, your Cumberbitches salute you! Sorry, Cumberpeople. 

Benedict, we are here to show you some lovin’. 

Just look at him, watching you with those eyes. 

Why yes we would.

Hopefully that doesn’t embarrass you. 

Oh come now Benedict, don’t get so angry about all the fan loving. 

It’s only because we care about you. I mean, this face. 

Oh yes, please take your scarf off. 

Until you finally look like this. 

I’ll just be over here, staring at you. 

Did you know your smile is just as good as your shirtless bod? 

Aww, don’t get embarrassed by the ogling. 

Also, let’s take a moment and appreciate those cheekbones. 

Benedict, you’re being so serious all of the sudden!

Oh, no wait, now you’re being silly with Tom Hiddleston. 


Just kidding, we appreciate the perfection. 

In all it’s shapes and forms. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some Benedict freak outs to be had. 

Which will probably end with something like this. 

But we know you’ll always be watching us, just like we’re watching you. 

By Sabba Rahbar

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