Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard! Let’s Celebrate With The Sexiest Of Shirtless GIFs!

Today we celebrate a joyous occasion, Alexander Skarsgard’s birthday.

The actor celebrates his 38th birthday today, so in honor of that—and True Blood’s series finale last night—we’re celebrating Alexander in the best way possible: with all the shirtless GIFs in the world.

Come on, is there a better way to celebrate him? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The GIFs are especially poignant when you think about the fact that we won’t get any new True Blood ones. Check out all the hotness after the jump. Be warned, it’s a little NSFW. Happy birthday, Alexander!

No shame, we will stare at that ass.


What are the chances we can jump in that bath with you?


Yes, walk towards me. Walk and take off your shirt off. Oh, you’re so obliging.


That is a group of guys I would not mind being in the middle of.


In case you wondering if Alexander has mad, naked posing skills, you now have your answer.




Need any help lathering up?


This is in here because reasons.


There’s something about a scowl and a shirtless body that brings me joy.


He really is a big fan of the one shoulder at a time shirt removal.


The Skarsgard flex. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


No! Don’t burn! We need you in our lives!


He’s not shirtless here, but let us never forget his role in Zoolander.

[All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr]