Happy 45th Birthday, Daniel Craig! 15 Of His Hottest Red Carpet Looks!

Daniel Craig Is A Hottie
James Bond was on a chat show roll!
You may not believe it, but Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, is turning 45 today! Happy Birthday!

Daniel made a splash–quite literally if you think about his beach scene–back in 2006 when he took over the role of James Bond for Casino Royale. While some fans were skeptical of a blonde Bond, Daniel has most certainly worked it in the last three movies!

For reals though, I can’t believe he’s 45. How much longer do you think he can do all the strenuous work that being Bond requires? Also Daniel, aren’t you supposed to be making The Girl Who Played With Fire? Could you get on that, please? Wanna know the best thing about Daniel Craig? 

He may be hot shit now, but back in 1995 Daniel played a supporting role in A Kid In King Arthur’s Court. I’m totally serious! You can see the proof here! He even got to make out with Kate Winslet for the role. Think Daniel and Kate ever see each other at parties and go, “Hey! Remember when we made that movie before either one of us was famous?”

Launch the gallery to check out all the super sexy red carpet photos of Mr. Craig. How amazing do he and wife Rachel Weisz look together? That’s quite a match! Happy Birthday!