Happy 44th Birthday Hugh Jackman! Let’s Celebrate With Some Shirtless Photos!

Hugh on Broadway
Hugh Jackman's opening night on Broadway!
Hugh Jackman turns 44 today. The popular Australian actor is mostly identified with action hero roles, including that of Wolverine in the X-Men films.

This week Hugh begins filming the Wolverine sequel in Parramatta, Japan. We’re betting that Hugh is definitely going to be showing off his buff physique as often as he can in the new film.

So how does Hugh bulk up to play Wolverine? 

Jackman was asked to gain 25 pounds of muscle for the film. He contacted Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who told him to gain a pound a week by by eating 6,000 calories daily, focusing on chicken, steak and brown rice. It’s not a diet for everyone, but it seems to have worked.

Check out some photos of Hugh and his biceps and pecs at their best – remember Hugh’s film Australia with Nicole Kidman? – by launching the gallery!