Happy 37th Birthday Michael Fassbender! Celebrate With 15 Times He Proved He’s Flawless!

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Michael Fassbender shows off for GQ.
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The angels are singing to honor Michael Fassbender today. He’s celebrating his 37th birthday and I’d say he looks absolutely fantastic.

Talented and handsome, we decided to look into what makes this man so wonderful. Where in the duration of his career did we all fall in love with him? Pinpointing just one time is difficult, though we did try.

After the jump we present you with all the times Fassy proved his flawlessness! Let us know your favorite in the comments!

1. When he adorably puckered his lips at a horse.

2. That time he managed to look handsome with a filthy face and doe eyes.

3. Any time he’s with a child. Especially when he gives them a kiss.

4. When he caresses his beard like Dumbledore.

5. That time he fell into a pigsty like a delicate little feather.

6. Just look at how sexy he looks with his hair pushed back.

7. When he got some sweet kisses and cuddles from a bear.

8. This. Sexy. Face. Oh, and the lack of shirt is lovely, too.

9. When he said “sit down” and you plopped down wherever you happened to be, more than happy to listen.

10. That time he was super sassy and fabulous and you wanted to be his bestie.

11. The time he was one-half of this kiss that is really too hot for TV.

12. When he came to court us (in our dreams). 

13. The time we saw his bulge and it was more beautiful than his face.

14. When this naughty, seductive face infiltrated our dreams again.

15. Any time he shows off that bright, beautiful smile.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fassbender! We hope you enjoy your cupcake that looks almost as delicious as you do!