Happy 36th Birthday, James Franco! Find Out 15 Reasons Why We Want To Be His Best Friend!

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Until recently, I wasn’t the biggest James Franco fan. Sure, I loved him in Oz the Great and Powerful, but most of my love for that film was fueled for my love for the original Wizard of Oz and Mila Kunis.

However, it was the actor’s sense of humor that finally won me over. Many of his roles are just absolutely hilarious. Off-screen he has an even better personality.

Without further ado, click through to see all the reasons why we want to be the birthday boy’s best friend!

1. He’s proud of how pretentious he is. Keep it real, Franco.

2. He has a really big heart.

3. One time he decided to pursue a rap career and the results were hilarious. Hello Kanye West 2.0.

4. He provided us with one of the funniest, yet inspirational movie quotes of all time.

5. Because of him we know a better way to work out.

6. His love for cats knows no bounds.

7. James shows enough affection to cause our hearts to swell.

8. He accepts his fate admirably.

9. In his filmed final moments (think This Is The End), he admitted that he belongs on Lindsay Lohan’s bang list.

11. He understands the struggle of attempting to put on tight pants. We can totally relate to him.

12. One of his talents includes charming a lady with song.

13. Just look at how cute and giggly he is.

14. Even when he has a nose in his mouth he’s precious.

15. He just can’t keep his hands off himself.

Happy 36th Birthday, James! Let’s hope you supply us with more comedic moments throughout the rest of your career!