Happy 35th Birthday James Franco! Let’s Celebrate By Staring At You [PHOTOS]

James Franco Kisses
James Franco kisses and flirts with himself.
Ladies and Gentleman today is a special day. Yes, very special indeed. Today marks the day that God gave us James Franco. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?

That’s right, 35 years ago today, a perfect creature who is known as the modern James Dean, entered this little world. And let me tell you, Hollywood hasn’t been the same since! Franco has established himself as an offbeat, interesting character. Not to mention that homeboy won the genetic lottery, have you seen those chiseled cheekbones? Goodness Gracious!

Don’t just write him off as another pretty face. James is extremely multi-talented. He’s an actor, artist, filmmaker, student, writer and all-around mystery/walking, talking enigma. Franco is in tune with his ingenious side, the over-achiever enjoys painting and writing screenplays as hobbies to unwind.

Sharon Stone and Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge have purchased some of the actors older paintings. Franco’s mother once said that when he was four years old, she had to explain death to him after a family friend passed away. He began to cry and muttered, “But I don’t want to die! I have so much to do!” Franco stayed true to his adolescent dreams and is now one of the busiest actors in showbiz.

We’re not too sure when Mr. Perfect is going to have time to celebrate his 35th birthday. But we’re celebrating by worshiping photos of his face while salivating over his keen humored quotes.

Checkout the gallery above to view photos of Mr.Perfect along with our top 10 favorite quotes!