Happy 33rd Birthday Stephen Amell! Celebrate With 15 Of Times He Proved He’s The Hottest Actor On TV

Red Carpet Hunk
Stephen Amell proves bowties are cool.
Remember When...
Stephen's little girl was born in time to watch TV?
Sexy Stretcher
Stephen Amell does some light working out on the 'Arrow' set.
I don’t know about you, but every year when my birthday rolls around, I can’t help but feeling an inappropriate level of excitement.

For the first time in forever, I’m happier about someone else’s birthday.

Today we get to celebrate Stephen Amell with numerous times he has proved to us he’s the hottest actor on television.

1. Just look at how well-defined his muscles are.

2. Seriously, pull-ups are so attractive.

3. Especially when Amell decides to hang upside down.

4. Remember when he was on New Girl and his character shroomed? I laughed. A lot.

5. He even has the ability to make arrows look hot.

6. Look at that ass.

7. And that damn body.

8. He has such a sweet smile. Besides, who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

9. Take a minute to admire his smug face.

10. And his naked bod.

11. If only the towel would drop…

12. We could appreciate this a little more.

13. Don’t forget his sexy superhero moves.

14. He has permission to be shirtless all the time.

15. And last, but certainly not least. Appreciate more of THAT ASS.

Happy Birthday, Stephen Amell! We’re eternally grateful for your decision to show off your super hot body!